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We offer a full line of Honeywell thermostats at several price points. Honeywell's premier line of thermostats includes wireless remote thermostats, high definition digital thermostats, digital programmable and digital nonprogrammable thermostats. Wireless remote thermostats give you the power to change your temperature settings without ever having to leave the room.

We offer all types and sizes of filtration devices, ranging from 1-inch standard pleated to 5-inch HEPA AirBear filters. 5-inch HEPA AirBear and Honeywell Electronic filters catch 97% of all dust molecules, down to 3 microns (smaller than the human eye can see). Honeywell Electronic filters feature a Teaberry prefilter, which eliminates odors.

~Mini Splits~
A mini split is the single most effective and efficient way to heat or cool a single room. They are perfectly suited for sunrooms, F.R.O.G.'s and offices. Mitsubishi brand mini splits feature an oscillating temperature laser that constantly monitors the temperature throughout the room it is installed in and adjusts its air diverters to distribute airflow to any area of the room which is not held at the preset temperature. A wireless remote is included with each system.

~Tankless Water Heaters~
The rising popularity of the tankless water heater can be attributed to its cost-effectiveness and convenience. The compact size of these water heaters - about the size of a medicine cabinet - keeps them discreet and conserves space. To add to the list of alluring features is this product's ease of use. An EZ-Link cable makes connecting two or more units for high demand applications a simple task. Ruud Tankless Water Heaters feature warranties of 5 years for parts, 1 year for labor and 12 years for heat exchange. Both indoor and outdoor models are available.

~Split System/Package Units~
In designing a ducting system and choosing the right equipment to heat and cool your home or office, it is of the utmost importance to choose the right size unit for the job, whether it should be a 2.5 ton package unit or 3 ton split system heat pump. Often times, customers building new homes or having old units changed out voice their desires to have more tonnage installed. Many customers believe this will ensure a properly heated and cooled home. Though this methodology may seem logical, it is anything but that. Having too much tonnage in your home is just as harmful to the efficiency of your unit as not having enough. If a unit of too much tonnage is installed, it will indeed cool much faster, shutting off before dehumidifying. If it does not dehumidify your home before shutting off, it leaves a moist environment for mold spores to grow. The complexity of choosing the proper unit for a home or office is the reason we coordinate with our suppliers to receive units of any size and efficiency rating from 13 SEER to 26 SEER. You will know with confidence that when our HVAC specialists choose a unit for you, it will be the most efficient unit possible for your home or office.