4 Ideal Choices for Thermostat Placement in Irmo, SC

If you just got a new thermostat, you’re in luck. Smart thermostats provide a multitude of benefits over their traditional predecessors, but only if you put them in the right spot. The following are four places in your Irmo, SC home you should consider placing your thermostat.

1. An Interior Wall

Make an effort to place your thermostat on an interior wall instead of a wall on the exterior. If your thermostat is on an exterior wall, the changing outdoor temperature might alter its readings in your Irmo, SC house. This could force your HVAC system to overwork, leading to massive HVAC bills.

2. The First Floor

Always place your thermostat on the first floor if you want to get a proper reading. It’s common knowledge that hot air rises. Thermostats placed on the second floor of your home could read the home as hotter than it is, forcing the air conditioner to run when it isn’t necessary.

3. In the Shade

Don’t place your thermostat in an area that gets direct sunlight for large portions of the day. Direct sunlight gives the thermostat a much higher reading than if you place it in a shadowed area. Being in shadows prevents the thermostat from getting an accurate reading of the temperature in the home.

4. In a Central Area

When you’re deciding where to place your new thermostat, try to locate it as centrally in the home as you can. A room in the middle of your house gets the most airflow from the other areas, meaning that the middle room will be the place where the thermostat gets the most accurate temperature reading. The accessibility of a central location is also beneficial to you and your family when it comes time to adjust it.

If you are ready to update your HVAC system, call the experts in your area. Our pros at Killman Heating & Air are standing by to help you with your HVAC needs.

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