Fall Furnace Maintenance Pays Off in Gilbert, SC!

Most homeowners in Gilbert, SC know the importance of fall furnace maintenance, but very few of them get it done. Furnace maintenance pays off if you do it as recommended by experts. Here are five benefits of having a professional maintain your furnace in the fall.

1. Reduced Energy Bills

Furnaces consume up to 50% of your total energy bill. If you don’t maintain it properly, the energy efficiency of your furnace could drop by about 5% each year. Getting your furnace serviced in the fall can help you reduce your energy bills.

2. Improved Air Quality

Furnaces can circulate dust and other allergens in your home. It’s even more important to service your furnace if you have asthma or allergies. Fall furnace maintenance will help improve the indoor air quality in your home.

3. Prolong the Lifespan of Your Furnace

Furnaces usually last around 15-20 years with proper maintenance. Skipping on regular maintenance can shorten the lifespan of your furnace by a considerable amount. Ensure that you schedule furnace maintenance at least once a year to prolong its lifespan.

4. Helps Ensure Safety

Furnaces can be hazardous if you don’t maintain them properly. By having our technicians service your furnace, you can avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and other risks associated with furnaces. The professionals at Killman Heating & Air can do it right and keep you safe all winter.

5. Avoid Costly Repairs

Furnaces are complex units that can develop various problems over time. However, you can avoid most of these problems with regular maintenance. Furnace maintenance helps you avoid costly repairs in the future.

If you want to enjoy all these benefits, ensure you service your furnace in the fall. Contact our furnace repair and service experts at Killman Heating & Air to help you with all your furnace maintenance needs. We’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers.

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