Improve Your Summertime Comfort with a New Dehumidifier

Lexington, SC experiences extreme summertime heat and humidity. From afternoon thunderstorms to the leftovers of hurricanes and tropical storms, this humidity will affect your home’s comfort. Excess humidity also impacts your home’s structural integrity and the efficiency of your air conditioner. A whole-home dehumidifier offers a permanent, cost-effective method of controlling humidity levels throughout your home.

Breathe Easier

When the indoor humidity reaches 60% or higher, mildew may start to grow. They release odors that make your home smell bad, and the odors may irritate your nose and throat. Humid air also fuels the growth of indoor allergens. If you or a household member have an allergy to mold, dander, or dust mites, excessive humidity could make your symptoms more severe. When your home’s humidity remains in the healthy range of 30 to 50%, you’ll breathe easier and experience fewer allergy and asthma symptoms. Your home will also have better indoor air quality, which helps you stay healthy even if you don’t have environmental allergies.

Feel Better

Excessive humidity makes your skin feel sticky and clammy. High moisture levels in your home’s air also make it more difficult for your body to release heat. You may end up sweating just resting in your favorite chair. A whole-home dehumidifier pulls that extra moisture out of the air. Your skin will feel better, and you won’t break a sweat sitting and reading a book or watching your favorite show.

Reduce Energy Use

High humidity makes you feel uncomfortable. You might have to lower the thermostat in the summertime, which will lead to higher electricity bills. A whole-home dehumidifier works along with your air conditioner to control humidity, and it uses less electricity than central cooling systems. According to Energy Star, a whole-home dehumidifier offers many benefits for homes that consistently have humidity levels higher than 55%.

To learn more about improving your summertime comfort with a whole-home dehumidifier, check out Killman Heating & Air’s indoor air quality products, or reach out to us any time.

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